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The power of testimonials

Benefits of Using a Video Testimonial for Marketing

Video testimonial is quite a powerful way of attracting the attention of internet visitors towards your product or your website. There are a lot of benefits that the video testimonial lends to the marketing campaign.

• A better connection and understanding of the product/service.
The more important the person talking in the video testimonial more is its value. Hence an internet marketing campaign gets impetus with a personal touch added by the testimonial.

• It makes the sales pitch interesting
It is common human tendency that we tend to favor something when we hear it from a person. In other words it is always more effective to convince a potential customer by talking to him or her rather than allowing him/her to read from the website.

• Emphasis on benefits of the product
There are greater chances of a potential customer doing business with a company through a video testimonial than by reading the text on the website. The facial expressions, the emphasis and intonation on words all accentuate the effectiveness of the message. Listening is always more effective than reading.

• A longer lasting impression
Hearing someone say about a product is always going to drive the point home better than reading about a product and its benefits. And by involving multiple sense (seeing and hearing), video testimonials leave a longer lasting impression.

• A picture is worth a 1000 words. A video is worth a 1000 pictures.