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“Videogenique was great to work with”

“Videogenique was great to work with.  Raphael came to our location on the date and time we requested, set up quickly making sure we had a good back drop of store items in view, and gave me great coaching tips for recording the video.  A high quality finished video was ready within 24 hours for posting.

The video we recorded demonstrating the use of our new pliers generated a lot of interest in the product and brought people into the store. There are not enough hours in the day to demonstrate in person to the number of people that saw it on our website, and without a demo showing how to use the product, they just sat on the shelf. A big plus is that customers purchasing the pliers always buy other products like wire and beads so the sales are larger than just the product we demonstrated. Customers also have more confidence in their purchase because they can go to my website and watch the tutorial if they need a refresher on use.”

From Teresa Kodatt, Pumpkin Glass in Morton, IL