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The Stories of my Family – Testimonial

Client: Family in Tremont, IL
Project: record precious family stories.
The idea is simple: Sit down and interview loved ones and talk about the past, the stories you want to hear again!

A casual sit-down interview, in the comfort of your home, let’s record a conversation between you and family members! Let’s talk about anything … anything you want to remember: the good times … and the more challenging times! Multiple camera recording and editing in the style of a picture-in-picture TV interview! You enjoy the discussion, I take care of the rest.
In the mood for a house tour? Every home has a story. So let’s take a tour in your home and describe the stories of furnitures, picture, trophies, souvenirs, etc.
You love to cook? Share your recipe and show your family how it’s done on video! A live, fun way of sharing something tasty and leaving a legacy of yummy!
Whether you call it video biography, video history, legacy video, heirloom video or family history films, let Videogenique record what is important to each and every family: memories.
Because memories are all what is left behind, let’s record them before they fade away!

Format: DVD 10 copies for kids and grandkids